Police Application Template

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Police Application Template

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:19 pm

Here's the Police Application process. Copy and paste the questions on a new post. And answer them to the best of your ability. (IF YOU'RE DECLINED, FEEL FREE TO SUBMIT ANOTHER APPLICATION 2 WEEKS AFTER THE DECLINE OF YOUR APPLICATION. WE'RE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NEW OFFICERS!

Name in game:

Player ID: (From your player profile)

How long have you played on our Altis Life Server:

How often are you in Team Speak:

How familiar are you to our cop procedures:

What rank may you be interested in:

How would you better the City by being one of the top ranks of the police force:

By typing "Yes" you understand that if you ask a staff member about your application. It will be TERMINATED:


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